About the Group

ByconGroup is a think tank that offers its clients and partners modern approaches, up-to-date information, and techniques to develop communications campaigns. ByconGroup has assembled mass communications professionals who have been implementing research and assessment programs in PR and marketing for over 10 years.
In terms of organization structure, ByconGroup is a holding company comprised of business projects and professional online services for R&D programs in the field of mass communication.

Communications Group Byzantium, which provides communications consulting services, is the core unit of ByconGroup in Russia. Since 2008, Byzantium CG offers the following services:

·       media monitoring and analytics
·       media audit and assessment of efficiency of communications programs
·       mass surveys and in-depth interviews
·       variety of communications/reputation research
·    strategic, financial and organizational consulting in PR

BlogBuster.ru is a cloud service for gathering, searching for, and analyzing data in social networks, blogs, forums, and other online resources. Apart from discussion-based online platforms, the service can also process data from tender platforms, gather information about forthcoming events and dates, etc.  Details >>

WhatWhy.ru is a platform for setting up and conducting online surveys as well as analyzing the gathered data. The service lets both professional and common users make questionnaires and surveys, invite their audience to answer their questions or use the contacts of the online panel integrated into WhatWhy. The construction kit of the platform has various types of questions and answers; multimedia files can be attached as part of answers. Surveys can be individually stylized (which adds corporate identification to them). WhatWhy also offers options like online focus groups and discussion panels. Details >>

Smi2go.ru is a multi-user intellectual platform for publishing news information. News releases, event announcements, as well as job opportunities from communications companies can be published on this web site. Smi2go.ru automatically gathers its news reports that have been republished, which can significantly optimize the process of making media reports. In the years that it has operated, Smi2go has become popular among a wide audience of mass communications professionals. Details >>